Michelle is a master at applying the craft of storytelling to a resumé. She manages to showcase her clients’ professional experiences, as well as their unique personality in the standard “no more than two pages” format.

Sara Stasila , Enterprise Architect, Office of Innovation, SAP

Michelle Wood has a way of digging into your work history to pull out hidden gems. Many people tend to undervalue what we do on a daily basis, especially if we’ve been doing it for a while. What might seem common knowledge to me could be exactly the skill that an employer needs. Michelle knows how to find those details and bring them up front.

Heather R , Corporate Trainer & Instructional Designer

Michelle was able to take what I felt were mundane parts of my skill set and showed me not only are they not mundane, they're valuable and marketable. She made my resume look amazing and made me feel much better about what I have to offer the workforce.

Becky B , Special Needs Home Care Staffing Recruitment

Michelle helped rework my resume in ways that not only made me a more appealing candidate to employers, but helped me feel more confident and prepared.

Resa L , Registered Dietician