Consulting Services

Consulting services are ideal when the success of a project depends on advice from a professional with specific expertise. When acting as a consultant I can have as much - or as little - direct influence on a project's written content as the client wishes.

I have extensive experience writing in creative, marketing, corporate, technical and manufacturing environments. I also have specialized training in information management. I can offer advice on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Website content
  • Website usability
  • Social media
  • Target marketing
  • Print marketing materials
  • Software manuals
  • Software development requirements
  • Employee manuals
  • Manufacturing operating procedures
  • Business process documentation
  • Business process/data organization and management
Deliverables for a consulting project will vary depending on the specific situation, ranging from verbal advice to detailed written recommendations.

Rate Structure
Consulting is done on a flat fee basis. The fee is negotiated up front based on the size of the project.

In certain circumstances the scope of a project is unclear and estimating a flat fee is not possible. Projects with such uncertainties can be billed at an hourly rate.

Contact me today to discuss your website or marketing project's consulting needs.

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