Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the review of an existing document to look for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. This service is for content already completed that only needs a review for errors prior to publication.

The Elements of Style and The Associated Press Stylebook are the reference books I use for proofreading. However, if you specify another style guide or have in-house writing guidelines, I am happy to use them.


The deliverable for a proofreading project is typically a redlined copy of the original draft so the suggested edits are clear.

I work in Microsoft Word and can accept documents for proofing in either .doc or .docx formats.

Rate Structure
Proofreading is done on a flat fee basis. The fee is negotiated up front based on the size of the document.

Contact me today to arrange a professional proofreading of your important business documents.

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