Content Consulting Services

Consulting services are ideal when a project needs advice from a professional with writing expertise, but doesn't require the content to be generated from scratch. When acting as a consultant I can have as much - or as little - direct influence on a project's written content as the client's needs dictate.

Commercial Copy Analysis

I have extensive experience writing in marketing, corporate, technical and manufacturing environments. I also have specialized training in information management. I can offer advice on a range of content, including:

  • Marketing collateral
  • Websites
  • Software manuals
  • Employee manuals
  • Manufacturing operating procedures
  • Business process documentation

Deliverables for consulting projects vary, ranging from verbal discussions to detailed written recommendations.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a thorough review and revision of an existing document or website. Editing services are ideal for clients with specific subject matter expertise who have completed a draft (or several) of a piece, but need an experienced resource to review, revise, tailor and streamline the language.

This kind of collaboration is particularly helpful when an engineering team contributes content for marketing material meant for typical consumers. Examples include:

  • Marketing collateral
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • Website content

I analyze the existing content to identify and document what works and what doesn’t. Then I discuss my suggestions with the client. After mutual agreement on proposed changes, I rewrite the content.

On the private side, I provide a similar service doing Resume Analysis.


Proofreading is the review of an existing document to look for spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors. This is for complete, polished content that only needs a review for errors prior to publication. It is not an extensive content analysis or edit.

The Elements of Style and The Associated Press Stylebook are the reference books I use for proofreading. However, if you specify another style guide or have in-house writing guidelines, I am happy to use them.

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