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Website content includes every word and image you see on the screen. When writing website content, an experienced web writer has to consider much more than just how to market your business. Content tells your visitors where to go, what to do and when to do it.

My technical experience allows me to collaborate with your web development team to build a site that meets the needs of your visitors. Aspects of web content design taken into account are:

  • Market targeted content
  • User friendly content design
  • Website navigation
  • Page topics
  • Image relevance
  • Search engine optimization

I am happy to work with your web team to develop content for a site in any stage of development.

Website Analysis

Website analysis is a review of an existing website, followed by detailed recommendations to improve it. The analysis report can be used as a guide to streamline your website update project, saving you time and money.

Areas reviewed in a website analysis include:

  • Market appropriate content
  • Content relevance
  • Content design
  • Page topics
  • Image content
  • Architecture and navigation
  • Relevance to business model

Contact me today to discuss a market and usability analysis for your company’s website.

Content Optimization for Search Engines

Search engine optimization for your website can increase site traffic, improve your conversion rate and generate more highly qualified leads.

Search engine optimized content is visible to both search engines and your site’s visitors. It takes an experienced web writer using proven techniques to craft content that address the requirements of the search engines without neglecting the needs of site visitors.

  • Keyword saturation
  • Keyword enhanced anchor text
  • Contextually relevant anchor text
  • Unique page content
  • Linking strategies
  • Relevant meta data

Contact me today to discuss a content optimization strategy for your company’s website.


Deliverables for a website project are Microsoft Word files. This facilitates the editing and approval process. After content is finalized, I provide it to the developer to be loaded onto the website, and perform a final proofread after it is online.

Rate Structure
Website projects are done on a flat fee basis, determined by the size of the site. It includes the initial draft as well as two free rounds of revisions.

In the rare circumstance that more than two rounds of revisions are requested, additional work is billed at an hourly rate.

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