Resume Writing Services

Most people need professional documents at some point in their career, including:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Professional Bios
  • Speaker One Sheets

I work with individuals to create outstanding professional identity documents that give you an edge in your field.

Resume Services

Whether documenting a lengthy career or presenting the skill sets of a fresh graduate, many find creating their resume to be a daunting task.

I specialize in IT management and corporate executives, but I work with professionals at all career stages to craft polished documents that accurately illustrate their value as a candidate.

While I work with individuals from a wide range of industries, due to my technical background I am frequently sought by clients with IT, commercial and industrial backgrounds because I speak the language.

I offer two types of resume services: writing and analysis.

Resume Writing

I review existing materials and conduct detailed interviews to gather the information necessary to fully document an individual's skills using the master file methodology.

I then create a polished piece suitable for submission, with content tailored to any job opportunities the client plans to apply for.

Resumes are highly personal documents, and even the best writers aren't going to get it perfect on the first try. Revising is a natural and expected part of the process, and depends on timely and actionable client feedback. I conduct the review and editing process with any method my client is most comfortable with.

Review the resume section of the FAQ for answers to common questions.

Resume Analysis

Some clients feel strongly about wanting to write their own resume, but need expert guidance to understand how their existing document needs to be changed to bring it into alignment with current conventions.

With a resume analysis, I go through the client's existing document, translate it to my proprietary template and annotate it with questions and suggestions the same way I do when starting the process myself.

I then provide the annotated file and a written report with any additional suggestions so the client has exactly what they need to complete the document on their own.

Resume Writing and Analysis Rates

Resume services are done on a tiered fee basis, which may scale up from the base rates if an unusual amount of work is necessary. The categories are:

  • Standard one page professional resume
  • Two page executive and/or IT professional resume
  • Multi-page Curriculum Vitae

I review career history and industry in order to determine if an individual qualifies for anything other than a standard one page resume, and whether there are unusual deficits in the source material, before providing a quote.

All resumes are charged at a flat rate, and always include two free rounds of revisions. On the exceedingly rare occasion additional work is necessary, revision cycles are charged at an hourly rate.

Resume analysis is charged at a flat rate.

Additional Career Services

For some, career documentation goes beyond their resume. I am also experienced with creating these highly personalized marketing pieces.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are not as common as in the past because so many companies have adopted an online application process. But when they are necessary, it is just as important to craft them properly as it was when they were required for everything.

Cover letters follow a fairly standard format. While I am happy to generate them, I also offer clients the option of simply using a template I created to write it themselves.

Cover Letter Rates

Cover letters are on a flat fee basis, with a discount if they are done in the same project as a resume.
I provide my cover letter template at no charge to resume clients who want to write it on their own.

Professional Bios

Bios come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each do a specific job. I evaluate the current conventions for each client's needs, and create bios ranging from short blurbs to full page executive profiles.

Speaker One Sheets

I can partner with one of my graphic design partners, or with a designer a client is already working with, to create print or digital one sheets highlighting a presenter's expertise and availability.

Document Retrieval

It's fairly routine for clients to call years later asking if I still have a copy of their resume because their computer crashed.

I maintain a copy of all completed client files in a secure, cloud-based backup service and am happy to provide yours on request. There is a small document retrieval fee for obtaining archived files.

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Contact Michelle to discuss your next marketing or business process documentation project, or review the Resume Writing section of the FAQ.